Stellenbosch Night Shelter Annex

In reaction to the ever increasing need to provide shelter to the homeless, the Stellenbosch Municipality requested the Stellenbosch Night Shelter committee to allow them to build a second shelter on the property of the Stellenbosch Night Shelter and to run it on their behalf.

The Stellenbosch Night Shelter committee acceded to their request and the Municipal Shelter opened in September 2007. This shelter is funded by die Municipality and run by the Stellenbosch Night Shelter committee. There are legally binding agreements in place. The Stellenbosch Night Shelter and the Municipal Shelter are run independently although the Stellenbosch Night Shelter will share excess food and clothes.

Die komitee van die Stellenbosch Nagskuiling bestuur die Munisipale Skuiling. Die Munisipale Skuiling het sy eie toesighouers, terwyl die maatskaplike werker en assistent van die Stellenbosch Nagskuiling op sekere tye by die Munisipale Skuiling aan diens is.

The clients of the Municipal Shelter do not have to be sober but must be able to maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour and must not be disruptive. They have to provide some form of identification. No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the Shelter.

They pay an admission fee of R7 per night or R12 if they have a job or a grant.

It is our goal to have clients move to the Stellenbosch Night Shelter where they have to be sober. Once a person has proven that they can be sober and has stayed at the Stellenbosch Night Shelter they may not return to the Municipal Shelter.

Clients may come on their own and do not have to be referred as in the past. Admission is between 17:00 and 18:30. They may not come late. The police or Municipal Law Enforcers may bring or refer clients after hours. This is limited to newcomers who have not yet been in the Shelter and do not know the rules.

Die maatskaplike werker fasiliteer toegang tot mediese dienste, en help met aansoeke om toelaes en opname in ouetehuise. Haar doel is om mense van die Munsipale Skuiling na die Stellenbosch Nagskuiling, waar hulle sober moet wees, oor te skuif.

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