Stellenbosch Night shelter - Aiding Stellenbosch’s most needy since 1991

Vagrancy is a huge social problem, in Stellenbosch as elsewhere. When confronted by the homeless who beg for money people often experience conflicting emotions. Many kind-hearted individuals want to help but don’t know how. A good way of making a difference is to give the homeless person the opportunity to stay at the Stellenbosch Night Shelter.

The Shelter opened its doors on 17 October 1991 and since then has provided temporary overnight accommodation with ablution facilities 365 days of the year for 30 men and 12 women. Besides accommodation and ablution facilities, residents receive two meals per day and access to social work services.

In addition, various training programmes for skills such as gardening and cleaning, and talks on how to get and keep a job are offered to enable the homeless person to function independently in the community.

These actions as well as the compulsory admission fee are designed to help people take responsibility for themselves. The Shelter is not a permanent home or cheap boarding house but aims to be a conduit to a better life.

We continually strive to achieve our goals but it should be recognised that we are engaged in a compassionate service to our fellow man. Each person is somebody's child, brother, uncle, aunt, sister, father, mother or friend.

Die eerste en mees noodsaaklike diens wat ons Nagskuiling lewer, is om vir ons kliënte oornagfasiliteite, voedsame etes, skoon klere, badkamers en geriewe om hulle klere te was te bied. Verder fasiliteer ons ook basiese mediese en sosiale dienste.

Die voorsiening van basiese geriewe, gekombineer met lewensvaardigheidsopleiding, help ons kliënte om self besluite te neem en verantwoordelikheid vir hulself te aanvaar.

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Stellenbosch Night Shelter

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